How to write an essay

How to write an essay

First, you have to sit down and think. What do you know about this topic? What did you read? What did you hear?

Remember life situations and books that are suited to this topic. If you wish, you can just create your own cases; it is not against the rules.

Remember and briefly retell what famous people wrote about this topic.

And the main thing is what is your opinion about this topic. Thoughts can be controversial.

After brainstorming, you need to start writing your thoughts. Not necessarily in the form of coherent text, you can do it in the form of sketches.

Once all that has occurred in your notebook or laptop, it is necessary to read it several times. And then you have to write a connected text from your notes. Despite the fact that an essay has a free structure, it still has to be an introduction and conclusion. An introduction should smoothly introduce the reader into the subject you discuss, and conclusion ought to contain a certain conclusion, even if it is approximate and conditional.

When you write an essay, try to stick to a certain style. you expound on something scientific, utilize scientific vocabulary, style of logical articles. On the off chance that you expound on a friendship or love, you have to follow the sublime style. If you describe a funny case, use the colloquial style. But it is possible to allow intentional discrepancy between the style of the writing. For example, you write about an event in a school dining room in the form of a scientific article or speech of a well-known politician. This causes a comic effect.

How to write an essay based on the literary text?

Find the problem raised by the author in the text.

It is good if an author clearly express his problems. If not, then you need to do it by yourself. It is better to formulate the problem in the form of an issue that you put into the text. If the entire text is the answer to this question, then you found the problem. It is desirable to mention the problem (the main question) in the first paragraph of an essay.